Snakes and Ladders



Helping individuals and small businesses minimise risk

Whether you have your own small business or are just starting to think about want you want to do once you've finished full time education, the future's bright. But the future's also unknown - do you know enough about the potential risks you might face to make sure you've got the right protection in place?

Test your knowledge by playing the AXA Business Insurance online snakes and ladders game. There are 2 versions to choose from - one is suited to small business owners and one is for students. So take your pick, compare your scores on the leaderboard, and share and engage with your LinkedIn community.

Thats correct!

Sorry, thats incorrect

Great! you found a ladder

Oh no, you landed on a snake.

Hooray! You landed on a ladder. You know that your business can only go forward if it's covered for any setbacks - just remember to review your policy regularly.

Whoops! You landed on a snake. Make sure your busines is covered for the unexpected - and don't forget to review your policy regularly.

Move forward 8 spaces Roll again next move Roll again

+ 5 Pts